Voice Call

Voice Call

Bulk Voice call messaging refers to a transmission of pre recorded mp3 voice message to various mobile or landline numbers through a simple Voice call application, generally used for business promotion, Information broadcast or for a Political campaign. It is a very popular marketing tool used by marketers as its highly productive and an cost effective tool.

Voice call also comes with DTMF function wherein response from Customers or prospects can also be captured, for eg interested customer can key in an input from 1 to 9 and the same is captured and displayed in Voice reports for the marketer to take appropriate action.

Benefits of Bulk Voice Call

• Record Voice in any language Record mp3 message in any language and send instantly to large database with a single click.
• Capture Response from Customer’s DTMF feature helps in recording customer feedback useful for appropriate decision making
• Customised Sender id & Delivery Basis Send messages from own number and increase response. Choose delivery basis option and pay only for responded calls .

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